Esoterix Innovation

Over the past 40+ years, Esoterix's laboratories and scientific staff have consistently developed and launched important new products designed to help physicians diagnose, treat, and monitor their patients.

Endocrinology Innovation

  • Mass spectrometry (HPLC/MS-MS): Superior specificity and sensitivity for critical steroid assays
  • Salivary cortisol and testosterone: Monitors hormone levels through convenient saliva samples
  • GlycoMark®: An assay reflective of postmeal glucose spikes
  • Comprehensive thyroglobulin: A unique approach for testing residual thyroid function that eliminates antibody interference
  • SHOX-DNA-Dx®: Genetic assay that detects mutations in the short stature homeobox gene
  • Fractionated 25-hydroxy vitamin D: Differentiates between circulating D2 and D3
  • NMR LipoProfile®: Expanded lipoprotein subfractionation testing
  • Connectivity solutions: Web-based test ordering and result delivery

Coagulation Innovation

  • Thrombophilia assessment: Complete thrombotic risk evaluation through a broad menu of hemostasis assays
  • Abnormal APTT/PT evaluation: A targeted approach to identify bleeding and clotting disorders
  • Bleeding diathesis diagnosis: Esoteric assays help detect abnormalities in various pathways to determine a patient’s hemorrhagic risk
  • von Willebrand disease: A variety of assays including multimer analysis, collagen binding activity, and pathologist review
  • Pediatric profiles (bleeding and clotting): Specialized test combinations with minimum volume requirements